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The old white town coffeeee~

heylo! So my holidays is like coming to an end real soon lor:(( Sigh- haha ok so today i went out with some annoying ppl, we went to eat fish mahatten than went to this very cool cool place where you spent 50bucks on to some thing . than you can get to go in and play:D lol k can.Super fun la can. hahah k bye

Sports day! 2012! :D

harlo^^ sorry for not blogging like again:(( HAHA ok cool. so yea bye! i'll update soon for the holidays^^ kbye!

Weng yan where're you looking lol?

YAY Super Man!


Harlo sorry for not blogging. hahaha k, so last week Char bought me Spongebob ballon and i bought for her yellow bird one:D haha we're cool kids<3 ehehe so last Thurs after school i went to chomp chomp with Vivian it was super tiring and super full! hahah ok we ordered carrot cake, porridge, hokkien mee and big drinks. hahahah super delicious! Cant wait to go there again! and on hmm fri i went to Ikea with Weng cuz theres no CCA<3 hehehe we went to eat meatballs aww i love her so much<3 hohoo so much fun although she is being a bitch and is super annoying hahhaah so yesterday i went to town with my 3 bitches<3 hahaha ok love them and bought some shirt from the flea too^^ aww love it. Than we went to Dhobt Gaut to eat, the food  was like fuyoo damn nice and cheap. than we went to spotlight and play hide-and-seek than watch midnight movies since we all lived at serangoon and my moms at malaysia with my bro<3 hahahaha happymuch! haha so today i went to Pik's house to play, i supposed to go scape with SOMEBODY, but she was being a bitch otp so i decided to aeroplane her, and since she is with her FRIENDS ALL. K annoying much, bye! and im gonna ans my Fs now..... dont scold me. kns la, bye! #School #Suck

 nommmnommm nommm omg <3333

We saw some books at IKEA and Weng was like trying to read it out loud and all ahahahahahah <3 her much!

oh yea i bought this! if you know whats this means you watch that show tooooo haaha

Hi rachel here :)

Hello guys, grace let me blog hehe yay. But I still don't like her kidding I love her la as a friend ok ;) Anyways I saw the anon question and so here is the blog post bleah even though it's not grace who is blogging. In school now slacking yayerz. 'Part of me - Katy Perry' is stuck in my head lawlz. Ok byez. ~~ 

Hey you, Happy Valetines Day:)))))

Hihihihihihih~ Some ones birthday is coming soon; sigh that person dont seem to be so excited about it yikes! Hahaha kk anyway happy valentines day. And my FS today just made my night haha i cant stop laughing lol. k bye!

Thank you Bella!

Anon are so cool~

Hihi, so now the time is 1.45am and i cant sleep:(( HAHAH so some one ask me to post more photos on blog:D hehe ok i shall spam my blog! Haha ok no. Tmr is Friday YAY! Happy Girl! Anyway today i went to Changi Airport with Weng and Diana<3 hahaha after that i went home and all than now gonna sleep! And oh ya i totally screw my Maths paper :')) sigh sigh sigh ok. Some one is gonna turn 15 next week. sigh. ok bye love you pretty girls out there<3 hahaha


HAHA anon enough a not? lol

You're fucking perfect to me

hihi, yesterday i went out with Diana to Clarke and study kinda faill though so in the end we tour around Singapore. lol haha ok. Than we have so much fun! HAHAHA So today i have my CT one paper kinda fuck up cuz i didnt study AT ALL. lol sigh:(( Moodless. So i gonna sleep soon:(( Have to wake up tmr like 5plus to study like again:(( cuz i have zero confident for my Sci TROOLOLOL hahah kk, Today after sch Char and i wanted to go beach to study and see sunset all but fail cuz while we're walking it started drizzling?? HAHA than we decided to go to Char house so anyway my kor today treated me pepper lunch<3 Thanks Kor(Char) hahha than we slept until 7plus? Than meet her friend all than home k bye! Im super tired lorrrr.
oh ya so im listening to 'Fucking Perfect' reminds me of sec 1 lor:(( SIGH HAHAA k
we ate this it was damn nice so ya~
Candid hahaa

'You know you've grown up when you realize that's it's not just everyone else that's weird. You're awfully weird too. You've just gotta find the right people with the right kinds of weird, and those people become your friends'


Take A Walk In My Shoes Before You Judge Me

hahaha my hair is damn fugly laaa
HandBand and i <3
Stitch and i <3

 This my handsome Kor<3 She's kinda sad this few days especially today:(( Sigh wtv is it im really happy how my friends are open with me. Unlike some ppl dont even bother to say. LOL k nvm shall not even bother to care about it since she/he likes to be this way. Aiya spoil my blog only lol kk. Anyway i just hope that she will be better tmr and focuz more too<3 haha

You deserve to feel special, every second of every day.

you're fucking perfect to me my dear friends<3 hoho muckies

Yesterday and Today. HAHA

Hihi, so yesterday i have CCA so i went and all. It was damn fun and slack and Jas got hit by a ball.... LOL ok. So she was like hmm she was fine la. HENG I WENT OFF FIRST SIA. lol k that was bad. Wtv hahhaha super fun love it<3 haha after cca i went to Vivian's house we bake and all i was super fun and we Cam-wore too;)) hahhahaha lol. Than today i went to meet Diana at east cost cuz we wanted to skate but than CT is like next week so we decided to study over there see the sun set running around the beach make out all.. ok not. But we went there slack DIDNT STUDY AT ALL. So her father called her said must reached home by 6.30??? Wtf. And she got her fucking Iphone 4s:((( omg so cool!! HHAHAH and we bakte muffins INSTEAD of cookies at D's house haha ok bye. CT next week #SoNotCool.
Man i love to play this!

So today we ate this! It was super delicious:D


Hiiii! So first of Feb to me is a fuck big thing! Cuz is like my birthday? And I'm gonna be 15soon!!! haha omg not excited at all! But still suck on first Feb CUZ I FUCKING GOT SUSPENSION LIKE WTF??? Seriously? Omg Wasting our freaking time dude. So anyway is like damn boring and I went around the sch around 10plus?? HAHA cuz I was bored lo..... Wtfreak man. Anyway I will not late again cuz I make a deal with crossley, Cher and new Vp! Sigh ok can~ hahah so now I'm on my way back home now and my bro is damn irritating wtf! Haha ok my battery gonna die on me now so this is like a short post or something?? HAHA IDK! AND OH YA! Today as usual I was late for swimming but I didn't pay any price for coming late today^^ ahaha and we ended early so is like we swam like 10-12laps? And we shower and go home:D hahah so cool~ pls let it happens the next time:3 ok my battery is really dying lor. Ok bye babes and oh ya my fs my friend helped me to answer so yea ok bye!

That is belle the pretty girl^^
I love her!!! <3

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Oh bitch.

Heyooo! Today i was late for sch:D haha so happy! Cuz i woke up late like 6.58?? HAHA so anyway im gonna be late so why not late all the way! LOL ok can. So yea i hate my Sci,Eng teacher is like wtf? They're like damn annoying! Omg i think my sci cher should get fired man! And my Eng cher should retire soon..... omg bitch pls... If you're fucking tired can you like take MC and go home sleep or something?????? Or retire? Haha, and my sci cher pls fucking maintain la. We all dont born to fucking pls you la! WE KNOW YOU'RE SMART! wtf is your fucking problem? omg. GnD pls. omg i think i gonna have a fever soon! Im super tired and im studying my sci now sigh- i wanna rest! School suck! Fuck school burn shit! YEA! oh ya after sch i went to meet Diana than Tiffany we talk non stop! hahaha i love to chit chat:D hehe Than when is time i went back and i saw Fidaus and Zaki! AHAHA they boo me from my back lol is damn lame la... hahaha than we chat AGAIN hahaha wtf... than they sent me back and all. lol haha ok i miss zaki i didnt see him for like 2years plus?? HAHA idk. ok bye!

hahaha my face need to maintain uh
haha my face look damn gross here but thats the only photo where Diana lood SO FUNNY HAHA