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You're fucking perfect to me

hihi, yesterday i went out with Diana to Clarke and study kinda faill though so in the end we tour around Singapore. lol haha ok. Than we have so much fun! HAHAHA So today i have my CT one paper kinda fuck up cuz i didnt study AT ALL. lol sigh:(( Moodless. So i gonna sleep soon:(( Have to wake up tmr like 5plus to study like again:(( cuz i have zero confident for my Sci TROOLOLOL hahah kk, Today after sch Char and i wanted to go beach to study and see sunset all but fail cuz while we're walking it started drizzling?? HAHA than we decided to go to Char house so anyway my kor today treated me pepper lunch<3 Thanks Kor(Char) hahha than we slept until 7plus? Than meet her friend all than home k bye! Im super tired lorrrr.
oh ya so im listening to 'Fucking Perfect' reminds me of sec 1 lor:(( SIGH HAHAA k
we ate this it was damn nice so ya~
Candid hahaa

'You know you've grown up when you realize that's it's not just everyone else that's weird. You're awfully weird too. You've just gotta find the right people with the right kinds of weird, and those people become your friends'


Take A Walk In My Shoes Before You Judge Me

hahaha my hair is damn fugly laaa
HandBand and i <3
Stitch and i <3

 This my handsome Kor<3 She's kinda sad this few days especially today:(( Sigh wtv is it im really happy how my friends are open with me. Unlike some ppl dont even bother to say. LOL k nvm shall not even bother to care about it since she/he likes to be this way. Aiya spoil my blog only lol kk. Anyway i just hope that she will be better tmr and focuz more too<3 haha

You deserve to feel special, every second of every day.

you're fucking perfect to me my dear friends<3 hoho muckies

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