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Harlo sorry for not blogging. hahaha k, so last week Char bought me Spongebob ballon and i bought for her yellow bird one:D haha we're cool kids<3 ehehe so last Thurs after school i went to chomp chomp with Vivian it was super tiring and super full! hahah ok we ordered carrot cake, porridge, hokkien mee and big drinks. hahahah super delicious! Cant wait to go there again! and on hmm fri i went to Ikea with Weng cuz theres no CCA<3 hehehe we went to eat meatballs aww i love her so much<3 hohoo so much fun although she is being a bitch and is super annoying hahhaah so yesterday i went to town with my 3 bitches<3 hahaha ok love them and bought some shirt from the flea too^^ aww love it. Than we went to Dhobt Gaut to eat, the food  was like fuyoo damn nice and cheap. than we went to spotlight and play hide-and-seek than watch midnight movies since we all lived at serangoon and my moms at malaysia with my bro<3 hahahaha happymuch! haha so today i went to Pik's house to play, i supposed to go scape with SOMEBODY, but she was being a bitch otp so i decided to aeroplane her, and since she is with her FRIENDS ALL. K annoying much, bye! and im gonna ans my Fs now..... dont scold me. kns la, bye! #School #Suck

 nommmnommm nommm omg <3333

We saw some books at IKEA and Weng was like trying to read it out loud and all ahahahahahah <3 her much!

oh yea i bought this! if you know whats this means you watch that show tooooo haaha

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