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 Haha harlo~ Today i went to Malaysia is like damn freaking boring la i didnt buy anything:(( Fml and fuck is Sunday tmr school! Nooooooooooooooooooo i hate schl! Omg! Some one just fucking burn down the sch man! K, so anyway i <3 Shawn Lee he is like damn cute la can! He grown so much<33333 Awwwww hahahaah ok

haha our bag is sho big!!! We bought Cai Fan go in hahahaha FIRST TIME!
Awww home run kid! hahah They grown so much rite? Cute sia
hahaah so cuteeeeee

someone get for me all this!! ESPECIALLY THE THUNDER ONE!! HAHA is damn cute la

Im not a bad kid!

haha hi, Chinese new year is over:(( omg i just finished counting my money man~ HAHA super less! Ok anyway im gonna watch 'We no Naughty' again like tmr^^ hoho super happy and cant wait to watch it with my loves<3 haha And and today Weng, Jo and i went to Diana's house and play Majong hahahahaha super fun and kinda boring~ LOL ok can. Anyway i fucking hate my Eng Teacher is like wtf She dont even know how to teach! And can she like just go retire or something???? Sigh we need a better teacher. Like really a 'better' one lor. HAHA so yesterday i skipped CCA and went to woodlands skatepark with Indra hahaha super fun and all lor although is kinda.... nvm hahaahah secret!

lol not mine!


New Year!

Harlo~ So today my cousin texted me and say he wanna come to my house first than we go off to my cousin's place... hahha so he reached and all and i was kinda bored and wondering what should i wear.. hmm so my cousin and i played dressing game! HAHA so fun and in the end he gets kinda annoyed hhahahaha cuz i keep changing every 5mins! Wtfreak ahha than we off to my cousin's place and we played police and thief haha so fun! I missed it man... and we played ghost too:D HAHAHA ok so i collect lots of angpao:D happyGirl_97 hehehee cant wait to count them and spent them;) hahaha So my cousin and i wanted to go Nex and watched midnight show but Nex the ticket was sold:< So we went to Bugis and watched 'We not naughty' HAHAHA omg is super funny man! You guys should watched man!!! HAHAAH especially the giving birth part OMG I CAN BURST OUT LAUGHING AGAIN!! HAHAHAHAH Must watched it at theater!!!! Funshion or CD is so not nice when you watch it at home....it wont make you laugh out loud  lol haha ok So my mom actually allowed me to stay out late cuz is New Year i think? HAHHAA ok the shows starts at 12 ends at 2plus and i texted my first Bro to drive me back cuz my cousin gonna tonn at Bugis with his friend haha ok? And the friends was like making fun of us and say we should stead and all???? Huh... omg noooo we're like COUSIN RELATIONSHIP LOR! haha ok than my bro came and i went back home i showered and all my siblings are awake! hahaha what the... im so sleepy now:((( Sigh ok nitesss<3 And ohh yaaa whoever that says that he/she wants to be friend with me on fs plssss come talk to me hahahahah ok nites/bye!

And whoever who says want more randoms pic hhahhaa here it goes... HAHA

Give me one song at a time~

Haha hi! T.G.I.F.S hahahhaha which is Thank God Is Friday Sia! HAHAHA <3 omg so happy is fri! But soon or ltr is gonna be like Wed.... lol wtf. hahahaha Anyway today i went for my CCA!!! Is like damn super boring la ahha and super slack! i love my friends la.. They're like damn irritating and noiseyyy la! hahaha ok bye! CNY TMR!!! YAY So after CCA i went home shower and all than went to meet Weng and Diana! AHHAA we went to town! <3 ok bye im super tired although i cant wait for cny cuz i cant wait to get my money money!! heheeh bye! <3


HAHAHAHAHHAa WTF! My maid said she love my hair here instead of the dress! GO DIE
HAHAHA i bought this<3 love it so much<3

Rolling in the deep~

harlo~ So today i was late for sch. HAHA wtv man! So i got detention! Anyway im so worry about myself not like wtf? #SoNotCool My PE teacher need to stop calling my mom! omg:(( sigh ok bye.

HAHAHa my free gifts after my detentions! HAHAHA is my bloody phone
haha this is like yesterday one;))

indra's at the right! mine at the left!~


This is what i call 'friends'

hehe harlo~ So anyway hows sch? SUCK BIG TIME PLS! omg hate the teachers and everything la... fucking sian man:(( Sigh-i hate PE omg they're like NS la. ok NS is worst! HAHA but omg we're like 'girls' ~ HAHAHAHA fuck it. Im so sleeplyyyyyy im gonna sleep like in 30more mins? HAHAH idk. Anyway i hate two face bitches and back stabber, like omg what the fuck is your fucking problem man?!?!?! Are you serious that you want to fucking break this freaking friendship? Sigh- Bitches,Whore,hoes omg.... go die la. Stop all this can!! you complain to her about me than she come and tell me than you go and tell her than another one come and tell me this and that? WHY NOT WE FUCKING ALL GATHER AROUND AND FACE TO FACE AND TALK BOUT THIS? Seriously la whores! OMG sick of it man. In the end also hurting our friendship like wtfreak la. Let's all stop this man. What thing is changing us! Is the fucking ones who fucking LOVES to say things that is fucking nth related to the topic! WHEN YOU'RE FUCKING BORED YOU MUST BRING UP SOME ONE TO TALK ABOUT IT? huh...ok? Continue? ok.... than the friend will tell me? ok. wtv k. I dont wan to freaking worry about all this shit, just fucking study can alr. Talk some more i hope KARAMA fucking hits you back real hard. What for sia me? pray for each and other for healthy body friendship last long? OMG I FIND IT DAMN STUPID TO PRAY THIS NOW LA! OMG SO STUPID OF ME TO PRAY. Might as well pray for the ones that wanted longer friendship/relationship. haha ok. And call me when you're free to meet me than fucking go when your friends need you? And just fucking left me hanging there? And come to my house just bcuz your friend needs a place to hide? wtf? ok? After using me than gonna fucking throw me a side and gossip me about how i love to aeroplane ppl and how i changed and how i fucking no time to hang out with my Sch friends, Friends, wtv shit friend i have? uhhh.... IS ACTUALLY FUCKING FUNNY HOW YOU TELL HER NOT TO TELL ME THAN SHE FUCKING TELL ME? hahaha nice friend you have? And you just dk. COME ONE SEE WHOS THE ONE BEEN SUPPORTING YOU HELPING YOU? AND THE ONES WHO FUCKING BETRAYED YOU! hahahaha loser for life. Just like me... once so stupid. haha ok thats all i wanna say man~ ok.
ahahahah wtf? ok?

11 Jan 2012!

haha harlo~ So today i went to sch and the class is like as usual so damn boring! Sigh- FuckSchool. HAHA ok so i bought 2new tops again^^ hehe so happy! <3 and ohoh today after sch Jas and i went to Katong Convent cuz i need to pass something to the sch and all... LOL wtv la hahaha so we have ButterFly in our stomach hahahaha than we went in and is like everybody keep staring at our uni hahahahah cute la!!! HAHAHA So when im done passing we went to tour around the sch and slack at the foyer and Jas got a scolding from there not really scolding but the teacher thought that Jas is KC's student hahaha fuck funny la! haha cuz jas was using phone at the foyer! And the sch rules are not allowed!!! HAHAH cute la~ ok wtv la me also got scolding from some dk who la~ dont feel like talking about it but feel like digging a hole lor can~ So after KC we went to Bedok to have our dinner there^^ It was super delicious and we're like damn super full tooooooo^^ hahahaha! than we slack a bit with my sugar cane drink which i cant drink than i asked Jas to help me after that we chit chat here and there than went home, so a lot things happening while going home! HAHAHA SUPER FUN LA! Haha ok bye.

hahahaha we cant finish!


Heyo! HAHAH So i came back from the sec3 camp thingy~ HAHA ok camp is like super boring cuz is damn slack~ HAHA but overall is damn fun! I enjoy myself a lot man! HAHA Miss it now, ok not really~ HAHAH
- We went to Sungi Boleh and organic Farm thingy ahahah Sungi Boleh is damn super boring la can~ Walk and walk~ but i swear Rachel and i damn bastard over there^^ we're like forever not growing up! BITCH AHAH But we still love it! HAHA ok than we went to organic farm is like damn fun over there cuz we try lots of different plant and we slack over there the most too<3 hahaha ok done~

- hehe so Day2 we went to Museum and is like damn boring also~ AHAHA ok wtv la. Camp to me is boring wan lor. HAHAH Friends dont ok! hehe After the Museum we went back to sch than Chit chat like no tmr than we went to library for the dk what shit(Learn how to Sit proberly)! haha i swear that one is damn FUCKING BORING LA! Rachel and i K.O Siol haha sleep like a pig over there and the cher dont care^^ hoho like high school like that! Thats what i call teacher~

- Hahah so is day3 the fucking last day of the camp! HAHA RachelIndra did not come cuz she was sick this bastard bitch! Last day only cannot crawl come one uh! Haha ok kidding! Takecare<3 haha And Bella also another one! HAHA late for sch hmmm hahah so anyway we were at sch the whole day and we have to go to our that thingy idk whats that call cuz im sper tired now that im too lazy to check now so yea~ HAHA ok than mine is "dance is like damn super fun la can! HAHHA I was with Nat and RahcelPickachu through out the whole dance thingy haha~ so the first song we dance was ' Im Sexy and i know it by LMFAO' HAHA is dmn fun cuz nat and i was doing the wiggle thingy~ But faill cuz we dont have one. LOL ok Next is 'Gee by SNSD' i hate KPOP a lot la! Haha so digusting la can~ Haha ok wtv. After the two dance we have to accutally form groups so my group members was Nat,Pickachu,Shobana,Sheerin,Bernerthat(dk how to spell lazy to check), Charmaine and Azizah! HAHA we have to like learn how to make our own dance step \and the theme song is only ' Party rock that one hahah ok you should know the song~ Haha than im the one who REALLY FUCKING DW TO PLAY AND I TRIED TO ACT SICK BUT FAIL HAHA so i hate it! But in the end im THE ONE WHO ENJOYED THE MOST AND REALLY REALLY HYPED! HAHA Really lor... Shuffle like no tmr sia~ AHAH ok now i miss it~ haha than after the dance we went to eat than went to com and do our project than talk like no tmr again than Gym than bye~ hehe sch offically starting! Happy New Year! Is new year bitch! HAHA


HAHA ok after the camp i supposed to go out with Ash and Siti to BPP for dinner but the bastar Siti is damn bastard! So i left them without telling them at the 7eleven there! HAHA BITCH! HAHA than Ash just Fb me and say where the hell did i go and all this crap hahha wtv la~ haha so acutally i went to meet Jo for dinner hehe she so sweet la<3 hohoho than after that we went to meet Jas than home ok bye~ My throst is klling me im gonna die sia~
haha Harlo~ So its been so long since i ever on my Formspring haha some question is like damn annoying la... HAHA so hihi, I cant sleep sigh- ewww haha ok im really bored now~ and i celebrated my last day of 2011 at clarke so suck.. lol sorry haha ok i went out with joseph and her girlfriend(forgot her name, cuz idk her) is kinda extra but  yea~ Cuz we just meet for like less than 2hours than i went to meet Hafiz and Darren haha they're getting fatter!! LOL HAHAH ok kidding! haha, so i kinda sad cuz i cant see the fireworks but aiya anyway singapore every year the same one~ haha ok can! so i veli bored now k bye~

HAHA Red LipStick~ ok ewww