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Oh bitch.

Heyooo! Today i was late for sch:D haha so happy! Cuz i woke up late like 6.58?? HAHA so anyway im gonna be late so why not late all the way! LOL ok can. So yea i hate my Sci,Eng teacher is like wtf? They're like damn annoying! Omg i think my sci cher should get fired man! And my Eng cher should retire soon..... omg bitch pls... If you're fucking tired can you like take MC and go home sleep or something?????? Or retire? Haha, and my sci cher pls fucking maintain la. We all dont born to fucking pls you la! WE KNOW YOU'RE SMART! wtf is your fucking problem? omg. GnD pls. omg i think i gonna have a fever soon! Im super tired and im studying my sci now sigh- i wanna rest! School suck! Fuck school burn shit! YEA! oh ya after sch i went to meet Diana than Tiffany we talk non stop! hahaha i love to chit chat:D hehe Than when is time i went back and i saw Fidaus and Zaki! AHAHA they boo me from my back lol is damn lame la... hahaha than we chat AGAIN hahaha wtf... than they sent me back and all. lol haha ok i miss zaki i didnt see him for like 2years plus?? HAHA idk. ok bye!

hahaha my face need to maintain uh
haha my face look damn gross here but thats the only photo where Diana lood SO FUNNY HAHA

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